The Improvised Explosive Devices course is designed to address the growing threat of
terrorists’ tactics, techniques and procedures utilizing improvised explosive devices. With the
ever present ability to easily acquire materials necessary to construct improvised explosive
devices, there is a need to educate and familiarize first responders to the fundamentals of
common explosive ordnance, explosive detection systems, CBRNE threats and safety concerns
and apply these factors to searching for hazardous devices in a facility based environment.
This course teaches the student about the threat of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs).  

The course teaches the student about the various different types of explosive compounds
commonly used, the different components used in the manufacture of Improvised Explosive
Devices and how to recognize them as well as to safely search buildings
and vehicles for IEDs.

Eight (8) hours  


This comprehensive five-day course will introduce the student to the world of protective
services.  It is designed as a basic course for law enforcement, military and security personnel,
as well as a refresher for experienced agents.
Students will learn all aspects of dignitary protection details, including:
  • History & Role of the Protective Agent
  • Protective Escorts
  • Case Studies
  • Protective Driving
  • Advance Work including Route & Site Surveys
  • Search & Recognition of IEDs
  • Communications & Electronic Counter surveillance
  • Emergency First Aid
  • Close Quarters Battle
  • And Much, Much More!
The course concludes with a realistic exercise where you will put all your newly-learned skills to
use.  You will be required to conduct an advance at a public location, conduct route surveys,
pick up the VIP from his hotel room and escort him to the venue.
You will use walking formations, protective driving, embus and debus techniques and more.
This course is taught by an instructor with real-world experience who has “been there - done
that” and knows what works and doesn't work.  You won’t learn theory from a textbook  - you
will learn proven techniques to keep your principal alive.  Through years of practical experience
in the field and teaching courses, Jim has eliminated the B.S. and teaches only the essential skills
needed by today’s modern dignitary protection agent.

Five (5) Days


This course covers the most effective way to use your defense spray and includes essential
tactics and techniques that you'll want and need out on the streets. It teaches how to choose,
carry and shoot your spray, what to do about multiple assailants, and much, much more.

Eight (8) Hours


The Basic Baton Certification course deals with the blocking and striking capabilities of the
straight expandable baton. Techniques include stance, patterns of movement, baton grips,
baton methods of carry, baton draws, blocks, strikes and baton retention.

Eight (8) hours


This course will improve your knowledge of Radar speed measurement devices.

You will learn the different scientific principles behind these devices and their proper application
within the overall speed enforcement program.  In addition, we will cover the various aspects of
equipment use such as testing and verification protocols, case law, health issues, and many
other operational considerations.  

Through practical exercises using a variety of different units, you will be exposed to the latest
technology in the field.  

Eight (8) Hours
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