From providing products and services to hiring and firing issues, employers face security risks every day, by
    both internal and external factors.  These factors may be physical security risks, information security risks, or
    intellectual property security risks.  

    Businesses can draw upon the lessons learned from the tragedies of the past to enhance their security today
    and implement plans to minimize the impact of potential catastrophes in the future.  Making corrections from
    past failures is important, however it is more cost effective to foresee the risk and have policies in place to
    prevent them from happening in the first place.  Many companies are facing a privacy dilemma while striving
    to meet the needs of loyal customers for customer service and their employees need to get their work done
    while maintaining a safe environment for everyone.

    Organizations need to find a process that allows security professionals to maintain a positive environment.  
    At the same time, they must limit access to personal information without affecting service or productivity.  
    The Patriot Group has the subject matter experts available to develop a program based on your current
    situation to deliver that balance.


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