GET FREE TRAINING!

    Bring one of our training courses to your agency. By having a class taught at
    your local agency, you will greatly reduce the agency's costs, especially with
    per-diem, travel, and lodging.

    Hosting a class at your agency is easy! You provide the training room, we provide expert instruction.

    Benefits Include:
    •        Earn free seats! SIGN UP THE 10 PERSON MINIMUM FOR EACH SEMINAR AND YOUR   
    •        Choose the class you want from our list of courses (click HERE for a complete list).
    •        Flexible dates.
    •        Training provided by an expert instructor
           Rescheduling of officers is minimized.
    •        Free advertising for your class on our website, brochures, flyers, and social networking sites.
    •        Keep your personnel close, in case of emergency
    •        Showcase your agency and your community. Bring revenue to your local restaurants, hotels,
    and shopping areas.
    •        We do not charge extra for travel, lodging, meals, etc...

    Your agency does the following:
    1.        Provides a suitable classroom capable of seating 25 individuals comfortably.
    2.        Provides coffee each morning at the beginning of class.
    3.        Sends an NLETS teletype advertising the course.
    4.        Advertise the course to local agencies via existing Training Manager's meetings, Chief's
    meetings, etc.
    5.        Provide a listing of names and telephone numbers of suggested local lodging facilities and a
    list of local restaurants and shopping for students to patronize during their stay in your community.

    Two Hosting Options Available:

    Option One: Flat-Rate
    •        You pay a flat fee for the training and invite as many or as few outside agencies as you would
    like. Contact us for pricing.
    •        You handle all the registrations and payment processing.

    Option Two: Per-Person  
    •        We handle the registration and payment processing.
    •        The regular per person fee applies to all participants.
    •        You still earn free seats.

    Are you ready to bring our expert training to you? Contact us today!


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    the form below, and our training division will get in touch with you to discuss bringing a class to your

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